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Designing the Landscape of Your Home in Aurora & Denver, CO

Residential landscape design goes beyond just selecting tasteful flowers and decorative elements. Landscape design ideas should reflect your style, transforming an otherwise basic lot into a personal paradise. To achieve striking landscape results, look to Blue Sky Hardscapes & Irrigation in Aurora & Denver, CO, for expert guidance in designing the landscape of your home.

Landscaping Design in Denver, CO

Two Factors to Guide Your Landscape Design Ideas

Before diving into flower selection, hardscaping, and decorative elements, there are two essential factors to consider. To guide your landscape design ideas, determine how you intend to use your landscape and what you want that space to look like. These answers serve as a starting point to keep your design on track.

The Purpose of Your Landscape

Whether you’re looking to revitalize your back or front yard landscape design, first determine the intended purpose of your space. Reasons for outdoor landscape design transformations include:

  • Increase property value and curb appeal
  • Create an entertainment hub
  • Embrace relaxation and tranquility
  • Extend your living space with an outdoor kitchen
  • Create a resort-style backyard landscape design

Define Your Personal Style

Any landscape designer will tell you that landscape trends are ever-evolving. While it’s fine to incorporate some modern ideas in your landscape planning, it’s essential to base the bulk of your design on your personal aesthetic, lifestyle, and character. Take time to define your preferences to transform your space into a timeless space.

Assess Your Landscape Layout

Landscape design ideas may be plentiful. However, the size and shape of your yard may bring challenges when trying to mirror the references you’ve been fawning over. When analyzing your property, consider factors like sun exposure, drainage, soil, and space to guide you toward the right plants, layout, materials, and irrigation system features you may need.

Create Focal Points

The key to a unique landscape design is the use of focal points. This technique works for landscapes of all sizes and shapes. Simply pair a decorative element with an area you wish to highlight. Statement pieces may include plants, water fixtures, hardscaping, and anything else that brings a sense of purpose and balance to the space.

Harmoniously Blend Hardscapes & Softscapes

A thoughtfully executed landscape design should feature both hardscapes and softscapes. Lush grass, plants, flowers, and trees paired with a patio, walkway, or retaining wall allows you to achieve a striking landscape with unrivaled aesthetic balance. Consider various textures and materials to showcase your personalized, harmonious blend of structure and nature.

Resort-Style Landscape Design Ideas

If the goal of your landscape design is a resort-style paradise in your own backyard, we’re here to help. To create a personal oasis, we recommend retaining walls, striking water features, and shaded hardscape elements to shield you from the hot sun. As for plants, you may opt for vibrant colors, climbing vines, and tropical shrubs.

Embrace Tranquility With Retreat-Inspired Landscape Designs

For those looking to turn their outdoor living space into a private, relaxing, Zen-inspired retreat, it’s time to embrace tranquility. Retreat-inspired landscape design ideas should be private and boast a blend of hardscaping, decorative structures, and plants. We recommend water and fire fixtures, soft stone borders, calming native plants, and leafy trees and bushes.

Outdoor Entertainment Hub

Entertainment hubs have become a booming choice for residential landscape design. If you love to host, there’s no better way to extend your living space than by adding an outdoor kitchen and all the associated amenities to your backyard landscape design. You may also opt for a stunning patio equipped with built-in seating and a fire pit.

Let’s Discuss Your Residential Landscape Design

If you’re feeling inspired and ready to take your outdoor living space to new heights, look to Blue Sky Hardscapes & Irrigation. As Aurora and Denver, CO’s leading landscape designers, we have the skill and expertise to bring your residential landscape design to life. Contact us today to get started.