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Hardscapes in Aurora and Surrounding Areas

Blue Sky Builds Beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces in the Denver Metro Area

Do you want your property in the Denver Metro area to look beautiful and landscaped, but don’t want to have to mow such a large area? The professionals at Blue Sky Hardscapes have been coming up creative solutions and filling the negative space in yards with custom hardscapes such as fire pits, sidewalks, walkways, driveways, outdoor kitchens, patios, and more. A well-designed and built hardscape can last for years and hold up to all of the various elements in Aurora, CO. They will also let you enjoy your yard throughout the year. Even in the winter, a custom stoneware fireplace will keep you and your friends warm, and a patio with a roof won’t let the rain ruin your next gathering. When it comes to your new hardscape, you have many choices to make, and our team at Blue Sky Hardscapes & Irrigation can assist you with the design process.

Sometimes all you need to finish your backyard and make it perfect is a fun, paver stone pathway that leads your guests from the back of the house to the front. Other times you need an entire patio added onto your home with a roof to be able to party without getting rained on in a storm. Our professionals have seen and built it all. You can trust us to take your backyard from great to fantastic by adding custom-built hardscape features. Outside of being valuable additions to the yard, hardscapes help even further by creating a balance between natural and humanmade aesthetics.

Available Hardscape Options from Blue Sky

For the past 25 years, Aurora, CO residents have trusted the Blue Sky team’s design abilities and craftsmanship when it comes to our custom hardscapes. We have built many throughout the years using different natural stone and other materials to ensure you are in love with your yard and its new outdoor living features. Anything from basic concrete driveways to ornamental fire pits. We have even created outdoor kitchens for those who really wish to spend all their time outdoors. Your new hardscape design may include the following elements:

  • Fire pits: If you want to get more out of your newly designed yard, we would recommend allowing us to add a fire pit. The fire will keep you warm in the cold months and let you and your family sit and enjoy the outdoors all year long. We offer many different natural stone options and have built fire pits will many materials, such as pre-formed stone, double-sided, and we can even custom design you a pit. Warm-up with something more than hot cocoa this Aurora winter.
  • Sidewalks: This traditional concrete walking path will ensure no one gets lost at the next party. Your guests will easily navigate your yard and be able to move around your property quickly. We offer many different designs and styles to choose from, so your new hardscape matches your existing theme perfectly.
  • Pavement: Most people think of roads and sidewalks with a flat finish when they think of pavement. Blue Sky wants to help change your opinion and open you up to the many different options we have for paved hardscapes.
  • Outdoor kitchen: Do you love entertaining guests with your cooking skills, but your kitchen indoors isn’t large enough to support cooking and bantering? Blue Sky has the perfect option: an outdoor kitchen! And we mean more than your charcoal grill next to your garage. Our designers and builders want you to have a wet bar, brick oven, and of course your charcoal or gas grill because what party is complete without some grilled meat and veggies?
  • Stone paths: If pavement or sidewalks are too rigid for your design ideas in your backyard, let us suggest the hardscape of stone paths. These are a more artistic approach to guiding your guests from the front yard to the back and allow for more options to help meet your needs and wants for the perfect yard. The designers will work with you to use small stones, stone blocks, and mulch to create a gorgeous stone path.
  • Retaining walls: Solve your yards grading issues with an aesthetically pleasing retention wall. Not only does this hardscape option serve the purpose of protecting your current landscape and home from landslides. They also reduce erosion while giving you a new space for more plants!


Blue Sky Builds Beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces in the Denver Metro Area

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